[Mix] Picko-d : Lucy in the Sky

So how do you write a bio of a man you’ve never met. In this age of social media and as a result of the ability to follow people it can be easy to be tricked by a false persona. You can see how they talk, but how do they walk? Sure you can stalk their Facebook and trawl through their photos’, but we all offer our best side for the lens.

So the only benchmark I have of this Mop topped Cat loving Evertonian Family man is his music. That is a unique thing, the universal truth. I’ve had the pleasure of following his mixes over the last couple of years. From Al Pacino’s famous football (The American version with the pads and adverts) rallying speech fused effortlessly with downtempo beats, to folk, jazz, soundtracks and spoken word excerpts. Mood music with a heart and cool. Seasonal consistent mixes blended and well thought out. Enjoy the man’s slant on things, I think you’ll find you won’t be offended.

He’s also one quarter of the Balearic Assassins of Love:


If you’re ‘out, out’ he currently holds a monthly residency at Dulcimer on the 2nd Sunday of the month and if you can’t be arsed; a fortnightly radio show ‘One Million Sunsets’ every 2nd Monday of the month on Reform Radio in Manchester 9pm til 11.

Up and coming gigs include this years Moovin festival and a first appearance at Aficionado in Manchester this year.


Thanks again to Ade; fixer and wordsmith extraordinaire x.

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