[Mix & Words] Bobby Beige : Hora del almuerzo en Es Cavallet

Bobby Beige: Our man in Amsterdam. From Hull to Amsterdam, via every significant DJ booth. DJ Producer, Musician Composer, Engineer – Bobby has worked the magic from 92 till today. Original Pork recordings member. Responsible for ‘A Different Ball Game’ (Bullitnuts, 1998).

If you’ve ever been on the Garden terrace in Zadar, or La Escollera in Ibiza , I’m guessing you’ve had a memorable night or day. The mild mannered selector has a real gift for a beautiful tune. Whether making it or playing it.

We asked him if we could get one of his gems for our music page and he provided. Oh, he provided. All the way from La Escollera to wherever you are. It may be Brass Monkeys over here so stick on the mix and you’ll be on the Lounger, overlooking the bay, sipping your drink and drifting away. For an hour and a bit anyway.

Through the power of the technology we grabbed an interview too, like we were in the same room like Stevie and Paul, minus the piano keys.

PM : What’s going on from Pork to La Escollera Bob? I know that’s a big question but you been around I know. You still feeling it the same as back then?

BB: I still have a passion for music now as much as ever and I’m very lucky to do a job I love and have met so many beautiful souls on the way because of it. The first serious DJing came as I was releasing my first productions on Pork as you say throughout the 1990’s starting in 1992 with Opik, then Bullitnuts and later Momma Gravy. They were great days at Pork,we had a tight little group of friends in Hull who hung out created music and spent weekends together DJing in the cities fine establishments such as The Lamp and The Room sadly both gone now, amongst other things. We became regular guests at The Big Chill festival every year from the 2nd year, they would always be a large Hull contingent enjoying themselves immensely, I have some very fond memories of those years engraved forever, I could go on all night with incredible tales.

After those years and Pork recs had it’s day, I left Hull for Amsterdam a city I always loved, it was the first city I visited when I got my passport having a direct ferry from Hull to Holland made it easy to both visit and when I made the move.

PM: Residencies at the Garden and La Escollera, not a bad way to spend your summers. That’s a lot of records right? Or is that just joy?

BB: The Garden bar in Croatia for me has a vibe a little bit like those early Big Chill years but in a much warmer climate with stunning sunsets, I have my dear friend Adam Regan who now runs the Hare and Hounds to thank for getting me out there in the beginning, we had some cracking summers together so many laughs and great people. I was asked by Nick Colgan who runs The Garden after a couple of summers just going over as a guest if I would like to be the resident DJ. I had already fallen in love with the place and Croatia and now they can’t get rid of me, I think it was my 13th summer there this year which is incredible really.

La Escollera in Ibiza is another place I love to play a beautiful restaurant by the sea but fairly new to me. I’d never been to Ibiza before being asked to play there in 2014, I tend to do the out of season residency which is great to be honest I’ve never been to Ibiza in the summer and it never appealed to me if I’m honest. The owners are super nice and seem to enjoy what I play, the food is incredible and I get well looked after by the the staff. It’s a stunning restaurant; I’m playing 50 meters from the sea it’s so nice to hear the ambience of the waves over the music, the view is incredible and the music adds to the flavor of course. I would highly recommend it to anyone who visits the Island.

It is a lot of records and music I need but then that’s not a problem as I have plenty for people who want to listen. I’ve been collecting records since I was a child.



PM: Where did you find that Bendith track that’s within the mix – do you know much about them?

BB: I Bought the Bendith album after my friend Richard sent me a track a while back, I know it’s members of Colorama and Plu two other great Welsh bands. Aficionado recordings released a fantastic Colorama track called ‘Hapus’ a while back with a stunning remix on the other side by the extremely talented ‘Begin’, which is James Boggy Holroyd’s one man band! That will give you a clue how I discovered ‘Bendith’ from my friends along the M62 a lovely bunch with impeccable taste in music and a fantastic record label.

PM: The Welsh language as all languages keep alive the aural tradition of storytelling, Is a DJ a transmitter and Interpreter of culture?

BB: Some DJ’s maybe I would say yes, others I would say fuck no – I best leave it there!

PM: You spend a lot of time and effort to find tunes, it’s not a job is it?

BB: It’s a huge part of the job for sure spending a lot of time around dusty shops, markets, charity shops and now surfing the web – I guess that takes a lot of time and effort listening to find that special record, playing them is the easy part for me anyway.

PM: What’s up and coming for you?

BB: Some home time with family and friends 2016 has been quite a busy year for me I also tour with bands every now and then as a Stage Technician (aka Roadie) and did a fair bit of that this year too. I’ve only been home for two weeks since March so looking forward to seeing my family and friends in Hull and cooking and hanging out with my Amsterdam family.





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