[Mix & Words] Steve Cobby : What’s the writing say?

Everyone knows Steve Cobby right?

There is no point me trying to write a bio it’s been done by better informed and talented wordsmiths; by that I mean John Mcready (Check his review of Saudade on Steve’s Bandcamp, it’s poetic and right on)

I’ve been holding Cobbys’ work close to me for a very long time, when I stumbled upon Old Codes New Chaos in a music store in Edinburgh back in the early 90’s; it spoke to me, it cared for me and it made me search out truths about myself, ultimately flinging off the blues and groove into the light.


Mr Cobby under his many monikers and manifestations has been with me ever since. His music is ‘Cobbyesque’. That’s it! No one does it like the man from Hull, and many try. He isn’t competitive just consistent.



The music will always speak for itself but the opportunity to ask the man a few questions couldn’t be passed. I should talk about music and what’s been going on and what’s coming up, but…

Q. Hull City? There’s nothing quite like being an English Football supporter is there?

SC: Indeed. Although this season is a very different one for me as I’m in exile until the current owners sell up. A very tough decision as I’ve been a pass holder for eons but a line had to be drawn in the sand after the name change debacle and the final straw was when they removed all concessions this season.

Q: Tony Wilson? Did you ever meet the man? I never did, too young but somehow I miss the man, what he stood for how he operated, his intellect and passion. Lives on though right?

SC: I too never met him, but his and factory records influence was an inspiration for Pork recordings. The idea of running a credible locally sourced label in the provinces was very appealing.

Q. 1989? Loved the Revolution music you composed for Ensemble52. That comparison between The Wall coming down in Berlin and Raving in Britain. Was it a coincidence? The continent was socially awake and we ended up sipping the cool aid – no?

SC: To be honest, until the play came along and pointed it out I’d not drawn any real parallels between the political upheaval in Europe and the cultural one in the UK. Sometime the planets align I guess.

Q. Great to be alive though we gotta lot to be thankful for right? I ask that because that’s what I get from your music. Friends, Family, Football, Nice coat and pair of kicks, Music Art and a rising social awareness, should one worry? Should we worry?

SC: No we shouldn’t, but it’s hard not to. Bombarded by fear mongers at every turn it can easily become the default setting, as we are programmed to spot danger, and are descendants of those who were best at it. I found once I censored all media it was much easier to take a broad general view. I stopped watching TV some years ago and am much better off mentally for doing so. By all means be concerned and be the change you wish to see in the world. But sack the hand wringing. It’s no good to anyone. Least of all yourself.

Thanks to Steve for the words and excellent music – make sure to check out his stuff at the usual locations:




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