Modernist Magazine issue 24

I’ve been a fan of Modernist magazine for a long-time and you should be too.  The magazine is a quarterly printed publication about 20th century modernist architecture and design. It’s more than that though. It’s a magazine that could be its own subject. It’s as beautifully put-together as you’d expect a magazine about architecture and design to be (with that lovely ‘magaziney’ smell we all like so much).

The latest issue is entitled ‘Gone’ and focusses on things that are ‘gone or going’. From schools to housing estates, to gardens, to (ever disappearing) pubs, buildings are constantly coming and going, which is as it should be whatever emotions that creates. As they themselves state; “as long as they are in our memories — and in the pages of this magazine — they will always be with us. Gone, but not forgotten”.

The mag is Co-edited and published by sometime Proper contributor and all-round good guy Eddy Rhead, but this is no show of nepotism. I’ve never met him and if his magazine was shit I wouldn’t recommend it to you even if he brought me coffee and cake every day but it’s not, it’s properly brilliant.


Get yourself a copy here.

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