Monitaly Pat Pullover

Ever wondered what ’80s Floral Navy’ is? Well here you have it, the majestic Monitaly Pat Pullover. 

Now some of you are probably giving it, “Jib it Hendry, lay off the ciders, stop talking to your cat and get out the house more.” But this is well ace, no doubt about it and in case you’ve been temporarily blinded recently, you’ll have noticed that everything is getting a bit floral for this summer.

The Pat Pullover ticks a couple of pre-requisite boxes when I’m mooching about for outerwear. One; smock-like thing that is well difficult to get on or off but when you’re wearing it looks belting (try not to flail your arms getting these over your head or you may end up accidentally clouting mates, colleagues, partners, siblings and or parents. No experience, whatsoever there…). Two; lavishly/ludicrously coloured. If you want to go hiding in botanical gardens, this is the get-up for you. Just don’t do anything that’ll get you arrested.




So now that these boxes are checked off we can toddle about looking somewhat akin to the result of a design meeting held between Raoul Duke and Dr Gonzo. If Summer makes an appearance this year, this’ll fit right in with your ciders in the park. Ciders again, just me?

Available at the ubiquitous Oi Polloi.


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