Monokel Eyewear: The Amber Collection

Check out these marvellous marmalade-coloured sunglasses from Swedish gig-smiths Monokel, proper top aren’t they? Makes you want to pack up and move to a Scando archipelago in a log cabin filled with Eames furniture and krispbreads doesn’t it? Amber is a new colour that Monokel have applied to their hand-crafted classic styles the Nelson and Shiro as well as new kid on the block the Nalta which features a metal nose bridge and a simple slim frame to make you look like a dead clever journalist/politician/model from the fifties. Just match it up with a grey sweatshirt, white jeans and a pair of Sperrys and Bob (Kennedy)’s your uncle.

Nelson_Amber_Front copy

Shiro_Amber_Side copy

Nalta_Amber_Side copy


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