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© MORE by Rankin, published by teNeues, Tom Hardy, Photo © Rankin


When it comes to snapping world class celebrities in all their famous faced glory the unquestionable expert in the field today is our very own Rankin. As a long time admirer of his pioneering work it’s nice to finally sit down with a satisfyingly weighty compendium and take in his finest portrait snaps to date. Practically anyone who is anyone are feature grinning or gurning in MORE.  From Ray Winstone to Mikhail Gorbachev via Katy Perry, Rankin’s characteristically esoteric images provide both a literal and metaphorical snapshot of popular cultures biggest/baddest movers and shakers at their cat headed, chocolate eating, arse-baring best. To those of you unfamiliar with his visceral images these aren’t your ten a penny, HELLO friendly,  dead-behind-the-eyes type shots,  they’re 100% balls out, rock & roll photos with a distinctly British balance of charm and cheekiness to them. Rankin clearly gets bored easily and likes to have a laugh whilst adjusting shutter speeds and pushing the proverbial envelope, which is reflected perfectly in the multitude of A listers that you’ll come face to face with whilst flicking through this awesome book.  Once you’ve finished the celeb spotting and fancy a bit of a read there’s a cracking forward by novelist by William Boyd as well as an in depth interview between Michael Holden & Rankin himself making this the ideal type of book for enjoying on wild Saturdays nights and lazy Sunday mornings.

© MORE by Rankin, is published by teNeues, £70,


© MORE by Rankin, published by teNeues, Eva Green, Photo © Rankin


© MORE by Rankin, published by teNeues, Scarlett Johansson, Photo © Rankin

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    That photograph of Tom Hardy…..GOOD LORD, SO F#$%#CKING BEAUTIFUL!

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