Mr.Benn’s Adventures with Turnbull & Asser

Walking….and as if by magic a shopkeeper appeared.” Now if you’re a young whipper-snapper you will probably have absolutely no idea what those words mean and grew up oblivious to the mind-blowingly amazing cartoon world of  Mr Benn. Well, back in the Seventies when children’s TV programmes were far more psychedelic one of our childhood heroes was the bowler hatted time traveller Mr Benn who faced a different adventure every time he popped down to his local clothes shop and entered the changing rooms. I’m sure there’s some hidden metaphors in this premise and it’s likely that old Mr Benn has a lot to answer for when it comes to those of us from my generation who now seek solace in regularly buying a new outfit but I’m not here to theorise about our clothing obsessed neurosis. No, I’m here to tell you about some very swanky hankies. Suave London tailors Turnbull & Asser and Mr Benn creator David McKee have created four very limited, woven pure silk pocket squares inspired by the very first 1971 episode ‘Mr Benn’s Red Knight’.


Armour & Mirrors

Dragon 1

Each Square is individually priced at £65 and available exclusively from May 2014 at Turnbull & Asser stores worldwide and at www.turnbull&

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