Mr Black’s Denim Refresh & Denim Wash

OK we all now that washing your jeans is akin to washing the Turin Shroud in terms of sartorial no no’s but sometimes you just have to do it don’t you? Having a two year old daughter and a decent collection of denim, I reckon if a forensic team had a close look at my selvage they’d find a combination of Moon-dust, snot, Cadbury’s buttons, play dough, tomato sauce and porridge baked deep into the wefts of my beloved serge. Despite this onslaught I avoid the washing machine at all costs, in my quest for the ultimate ‘Francis Bacon’ style patina on my jeans, or maybe ‘Frankfurter and bacon’ is more appropriate? Anyhow… there comes a solution to all our denim cleaning dilemmas by way of two handy products from Australian company Mr. Black’s Garment essentials range. Their Denim refresh is designed to extend the times between washes by way of eliminating surface dirt and bacteria (which are responsible for any dodgy odour) without getting rid of any of your hard earned fadey, whiskery stuff. Apparently the formula was developed in a morgue, so if it can keep stiffs smelling nice then you know you’re jeans will be fine. Whilst Mr. Black’s unique enzyme free Denim wash, is specifically formulated to clean and help maintain the original color intensity of your dry denim and pre wash jeans. This highly concentrated denim soft wash offers unsurpassed cleaning action whilst minimizing fading, shrinkage or stretching. Time to get out of the bath and throw away the Febreeze and get down to Liberty’s or Selfridges for some Mr. Blacks on your kecks.


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