Mr Rapson : Materialistic Things


“Move over, it’s my go..

I’ve been putting mixtapes together since the late 80s, initially putting ‘stop & start’ tapes together and then later borrowing a set of vari-speed turntables from a friend to set me off on my DJ path.

My intentions way back when was to make something smooth and appear seamless, a bit like a computer had put it together – my ethos remains the same to this very day. The music selection comes first within the process, I then spend weeks chopping and changing what goes in and when I’ve finally decided, it’s then a case of practicing until I’m 98% happy with the finished product – I’ll hit record and attempt do it in one take. Make a mistake – I start again.

As for the medium, well I refuse to be drawn into the dull and played out vinyl/digi debate, that discussion was best left back in 2005 – in case you were concerned, this particular mix was made up of records *yawns* though I have moved into the 21st century and also embraced Traktor. No – what does slightly irk me of recent times is the quality of mixes out there: it seems with DJ’s not only seeking approval from their peers/trying to gain bookings/fight for world dominance and the prominence of Ableton within the home, it’s the sad reality that the art form is slowly dying –  it’s all gone a bit Stars on 45. Apologies as I yet again harp back to the past, but there was something endearing about hearing those early tapes and the buzz amongst your mates of who was the best back then – I feel it’s now difficult to tell the difference.

So when you hear those scuffs and shoves on this particular mix, well that’s me. Anyway – who cares, enjoy: Materialistic Things.

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