OFFICER DOWN! OFFICER DOWN! JESUS H CHRIST OFFICER DOWN!!! It’s OK my partner hasn’t just been smoked by a gang of AK wielding crips, I’m just getting a bit over-excited about Mt. Rainier Design’s new furry hooded arrival AKA the Officer Down jacket. It’s well cool,’s well warm actually but you get my gist. No surprises that the entire AW13 collection is yet again bang on form. As well as the aforementioned jacket and given my penchant for a well thought out gilet/vest/body-warmer I’m also particularly ¬†enraptured by the Mt. Rainier X Blue Blue wool shawl collar down vest, with it’s smashing whales and anchors print on the inside which also pop up on their similarly swoonsome Big Pocket mountain coat collab. Mt. Rainier really should win some kind of award for making the most wearable collection of clothing known to man shouldn’t they? I want it all, I want it all and I want it now, to quote my main man Freddie.

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