MT85 – The RMBLR ‘Trespass Massive’ Field Trip


How rubbish is going to work on a Monday? Proper bobbins innit. Well our mates at RMBLR are giving us a very valid reason to take Monday the 24th of April off. As on this date it will be the 85th anniversary of the game-changing Mass Trespass, a defiant act of hiking where the working classes from in and around Manchester decided to mob up for a ramble up Kinder Scout despite the protestations of toffee nosed land-owners who wanted to protect their grouse (before shooting them). Though there were a few arrests and a bit of argyle jumper-ed aggro on the day, the Mass Trespass lit a fuse in British consciousness and  encouraged everyone to get out more as well as helping to pave the way for designated National parks and public rights of way.

So in tribute to this pivotal event RMBLR are inviting us all to get together and exercise our right to ramble on the exact same historic route in Hayfield that was taken all those years ago. However thanks to the actions of the Mass Trespass this time around there won’t be any angry game-keepers or truncheon waving bobbies to keep us from having fun in the sun/drizzle together.

As well as enjoying a day out of the office/factory/house/probation everyone who takes part will also get an anniversary patch from RMBLR to commemorate the day you stood up and enjoyed your right to ramble. All you have to do is go to the RMBLR site here and ‘buy’ the patch (no payment details are required) to reserve one for yourself which you’ll receive on the day alongside some other RMBLR goodies. The Proper crew will all be taking part as not only is this a perfect chance to meet up with lots of like minded people it’s also the perfect opportunity for us to wear some outdoor gear actually in the outdoors rather than just between fast food outlets and Piccadilly train station. We hope that you can make it too.

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