You may be familiar with Edvard Munch’s instantly recognisable painting The Scream but did you know that it was inspired by a chronic hangover and a volcano? No me neither. Well obviously I do now because I’ve just had the pleasure of reading the ‘ground-breaking graphic biography’ all about the tortured genius responsible for painting with the cunning title of Munch. Using text taken directly from the writings of Eddy and his mates, writer and illustrator Steffen Kverneland has cleverly created a convincingly complex and chaotic world of barmy Victorian artists and their equally mental muses. Beautifully put together and incredibly innovative and original it’s a top read that’s clearly been a labour of love for Steffen (and his mate Lars). It’s also one of those books that’ll have you eagerly turning each page whether you’re remotely interested in expressionist art or not.







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