nanamica & North Face Purple Label SS15

OK braces yourselves as it’s time for a double helping of some serious Japanese clothes porn, the kind of gear that dreams and/or lottery wins are made of. First up is some of our favourite bits from nanamica’s SS15 collection who are staying true to fashion-meets-sport form with that chic tech thing that they do oh so well.  Hand printed blue leaf patterns, Gore-tex denim coats, totes bags and backpacks that look like they come from the future it’s impressive stuff…






..and then of course we also have our North Face Purple Label’s picks which are just as covetable as the Nanamica gear and about a hundred times harder to get your hands on. Which lets be honest, makes it all the more fucking ace doesn’t it? It’s the home of the brave meeting the land of the rising sun on a dusty hiking trail somewhere between Yosemite park and Mount Fuji circa 1974/2074 and I’d happily gobble a goat’s balls for any one of these coats or one of those stripy tops with the little mountains on them.






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