Nanamica x Tanner Goods

In celebration of their 15th anniversary Portland brand, Tanner Goods have teamed up with Nanamica for an ace capsule collection that also features products from Tanner’s tableware brand Mazama. Comprised of a waterproof and breathable jacket and hat that have been constructed from a mix of Nanamicaʼs signature material, cotton Gore-Tex fabrics as a nod to the brandʼs approach to outdoor garments alongside functional materials made of natural materials courtesy of the leather used by Tanner Goods.

The apparel is complimented by the addition of a large and small pouch made using a combination of Japanese Konbu material and leather with Mazama providing a very special version of their ceramic Yunomi mug. Combining the functionality of each brandsʼ iconic materials with top-level quality, these beautifully crafted products should please the most discerning of design connoisseurs.

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