Napapijri SS17 Bering

If you’re about to embark on a holiday of some sort then before you get your bearings you really need to get a Bering. Did you know the name Bering actually comes from the great 18th century Danish officer in the Russian Navy, Vitus Bering? Despite being one of the first men to ever explore the great expanse of Arctic sea separating Russia from North America the Bering I’m talking about here is an incredibly durable bag. The distinctive Bering bag has the honour of being their first ever Napapijri  product that first went on sale nearly 30 years ago and remains one of their best selling products to date. Something of a departure lounge icon it comes in nearly as many colours as the Lacoste polo as well as packable and mini versions. This totally tubular holdall is made from a sturdy wax canvas originally used by the Italian army that will keep all your kit in tact as well as making you look at least 27% more European. Get your Berings here.


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