National Athletic Goods ‘Single V’ Warm Up Sweat

When it comes to sweatshirts you can roughy divide them into two different varieties. The first being one that does the job of keeping your arms and body warm and will last your a couple of years. Then there’s the second kind, a beautifully put together crew neck construction that’s been made somewhere impressive like Japan or the outer Hebrides or Canada using loads of old school techniques to make it look and feel infinitely better than 99% of other jumpers/ National Athletic Goods fall firmly into the latter camp and their flat-locked, loop-backed numbers are second to none when it comes to making super sweet sweats. This Army Green example is from their SS18 collection and features all the aforementioned bells & whistles you’d expect with a sweatshirt of this (Canadian) calibre, looking like it does like it’s been plucked straight from the set of Full Metal Jacket.

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