Tech Accessories That Don’t Look Bland? Enter: Native Union

Why cheapen your smartphone by surrounding it with shoddy plastic headphones, frayed cables and inefficient chargers? 

native union

Native Union has one core premise: why does all the effort go into designing smartphones and none of it into their accessories? Founders Igor Duc and John Brunner have created a company that’s elevated the overlooked world of tech accessories, giving cables, chargers and headphones the attention they deserve. The idea is simple: use high-quality materials, improve the experience through thoughtful details, and bring these both together with functional design. 

In short, Native Union addresses the issue of underperforming and quick to break tech accessories. 

Some of the most successful products that Native Union have on offer are the Rise Dock, a multi-angle charging station that allows you to rotate your phone to watch it while charging, Airpod cases that are as slick and transportable as keychains (complete with carabiners) and cables with their own cases – to prevent the dreaded knotting and frantic untangling that plagues wire use. 

Parasol’s selection of Native Union is hand-picked and top tier – head over to browse the rest of Native Union’s thoughtful tech.

Native Union at Parasol

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