Naval Gazing – a Breton jumper selection

There’s not that much different between the jumper’s featured below – all wool, all with the typical Breton features that make the wearer look like they’re in touch with their inner Soviet submariner/60s Atlantic trawlerman, same shorter, wider cut, and a high quality tight-gauge knit adept at keeping out the wind and the cold – a feature set meaning they should be a wardrobe staple for anyone living north of Cornwall. Except Cornwall is on the coast, so probably for people in Cornwall as well. Anyway, I digress.

First is the original and classic Breton jumper made by Normandy’s Saint James. You really can’t go wrong here (trust me, I’ve got one).

c1 c2

However, very similar and no less well made is this two-tone blue take from Armor Lux, Brittany based specialists in all-things Nautical/Gallic. Also available without stripes in this suitably wintry shade of graphite.


The third one I’ve chosen has already been featured in Proper recently, gracing the homepage as little as a week ago; the La Paz Teixeira adds details like shoulder patches to the classic Breton design, providing a welcome update to a tried and tested style.


And my final choice is a bit of a wildcard in that it isn’t really a Breton at all. It does though have similar nautical vibes. Or maybe that’s just because its really reminding me of the one worn by Captain Haddock from Tintin, pictured below wearing a shirt that bears a striking resemblance to the Cottonoppolis Swiss Army shirt…hmm.

c5 c6 c7

You can find these over at both Oi Polloi and Peggs & Son now.



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  1. If there is a tintin reference i’m in!

    Great jumpers and a cracking selection.

    Nice one.

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