Nemen at not-addicted


Remember the bit where it breaks down in the Oran ‘Juice’ Jones super cool 1986 hit ‘The Rain and he proper goes off on one at his cheating bird and ends up saying “…I even gave you things that you couldn’t pronounce!” ? Well I haven’t been cheating on Oran but if he did happen to buy me a Nemen coat (and I wish he would) then I too would struggle to pronounce it, well maybe I’d guess at nee-men but it could be nem-en couldn’t it? Does it matter? No, not really but if your 1986 Def Jam one-hit wonder of a lover does want to buy you some stone cold classic Italian garments then they should get over to not-addicted and pick you up  something from the aforementioned Nemen. In fact even if you aren’t involved in a love triangle with Oran ‘Juice’ Jones’ and maybe instead you’re just looking to get Colonel Abrams something nice for his birthday, once again you should get hooked up at N.A. with some Nemen. Nemen at N.A. that has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? I really should get some sleep.











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  1. Quality jacket, picked the orange one up from NA the other day, and you can really tell it’s a quality piece. Proper classic Italian feel, like Stone Island used to be. An instant favourite of mine.

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