Nemen’s FW21 Pushes Dyeing to a New Level

I don’t like to admit it, but sometimes there’s a formula for things that someone can like, and if the boxes are ticked, it’s hard to resist. For me, it’s ultra-futuristic, semi-dystopic, multi-pocketed clothing combined with some abstract philosophy that vaguely touches on existentialism and artistic expression.


Queue: NemeN, Italy’s armour for the future.

What got me, explicitly, was the fact that for FW21, NemeN didn’t just garment dye their clothes; they garment-dyed them and then submitted them to a dye extraction process that leaves smatterings of colour, rather than entirely adding. They call this discharge-dyeing (I think we’ll blame translation errors for that one). 

Anyway: it’s a great idea, and it’s experimental, leaving the garment in the hands of chance, or the universe, or whatever you want to invoke. Ultimately, it’s left outside of human control. 

You can pre the extent of this on NemeN’s FW21 lookbook. Closer to home, Yards Store have just acquired a few of their pieces, which includes this outrageous Dare 3 Layer Jacket

See the other bits that Yards Store have here.

NemeN at Yards Store

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