New AXS Folk Technology at Oi Polloi


Back with a bang, and layered up ready for that pinnacle of seasons – Autumn; the ‘Knowledgable Knights of The Northern Quarter’ Oi Polloi have got some new stock of one of our ‘Radar’ brands (don’t know what that means but it sounds good, hey) AXS Folk Technology.

Following the same blueprint they used for Spring/Summer – the Acid-Rambler-Goes-Casual look that really resonates with all of us here at Proper Mag’s Mountain Top Retreat – AXS Folk Technology have upped their game even further.

If we were one of those PROPER Mens’ Style publications we’d probably bang on about the Autumnal Pallets of Burnt Umber, Warm Saffron, or Terre like Ochre. Or we’d go detailed on the fabrics used and their practicalities and wearability; equally at home on the Californian Cliffs and back lanes of “Trendy East London” (Is it still ‘Trendy’? Is ‘Trendy’ even still a word??).

But we’re not, so we won’t. Instead in that good Northern way we’ll just tell you straight how bloody good the collection looks, whilst throwing in words like: Corduroy, Moleskin, Fleece lined, Bellow pockets, Brass Press Studs, U.S. Made….we could go on.

Stand out pieces are the Wideneck Anorak (again), the two Tech Fleeces (think Reinhold Messner going out for Fondue with his missus in the mid ’70’s) and a long sleeved PopOver shirt.



But it’s also worth giving the trousers a quick ‘once over’ – slim, green Chinos in that suede-like Moleskin and ace, relaxed fit “Mountaineer Cords” both Bob-On.



Forget that they sound like a cross between a Multi-National Pharmaceutical Conglomerate and a 60’s Hippy Band, just embrace the Communal Love for AXS Folk Technology and check out the products at Oi Polloi now.

*Awards self 10 Casual-Writing Points for not mentioning ‘Hikerdelic’/’Hikerdelia’*

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