New Balance 550 Black/Marblehead

Anyone remember that song from the nineties by the Bluetones, ‘Marblehead Johnson’? I’ve always wondered who Marblehead Johnson was. Is he/she in any way related to this New Balance trainer? Almost certainly not. Especially as this shoe was originally designed with the physical exertion of the basketball court in mind and, if I remember correctly, the scouse Britpop also-rans were all really overweight in the video for Marblehead Johnson. 

The New Balance 550 debuted in 1989 and has generally tended to find favour with savvy sneaker enthusiasts rather than reaching the more widespread attention gained by more high profile silhouettes such as the 990 and the 1500. But that’s what we like about them. This release comes in a clean monochrome colourway with synthetic underlays and leather overlays, so you’ll be cock-a-hoop if you find yourself holding court in a pair of these.

Available in limited numbers from Wellgosh.

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