New Balance 574 Moonbeam Bonds Generations

I saw a meme recently that celebrated the Dad-influence of New Balance. Jeff Bezos, the billionaire narcissist Bond-villain, shortly before taking off to Space, exclaimed “hell yeah” in whatever form of American accent he has. It was the same “hell yeah” that every stateside Dad, in backyards and at BBQs, would make if they saw their offspring rocking up in the same New Balance shoes as them. 

Anyway, convoluted explanation over, New Balance used to be the strict domain of Dads and P.E teachers. Now, there’s a New Balance revolution, and we’re happy to take part in it. In this pair of NB 574 Moonbeams, you can shake your Dad’s hand at the next BBQ and form a bond that has been missing for years. 

Contrasting colour detailing, suede and mesh upper, and superior ENCAP cushioning make these the perfect hardy and durable whips. 

Grab a pair from Terraces.

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