New Balance 998 Moby Dick at Oi Polloi


Ever wanted some trainers that are named after a really old book? No, neither have I. But here’s a pair from New Balance.

These nice-looking things are named after Herman Melville’s 1851 epic (in the traditional sense of the word) novel, which explains the colourway – grey for the eponymous whale and (blue blue) electric blue for the sea he lives and mooches about in.

The 998 is one of New Balance’s most-loved models and it’s been manufactured in the USA since it was first introduced in the early nineties. Their American-made stuff is put together in either Maine or Massachusetts, the latter of which, funnily enough, is where the whaling ship in Moby Dick sets sail from. Good, eh?

Word on the grapevine (read: internet) is that New Balance plan to pay homage to American literature with a few upcoming releases. I quite like the idea personally. Maybe they’ll do a pair of Catcher in the Ryes, which would of course have to be based on Holden Caulfield’s red hunting hat. That’d kill me.

Anyway, enough of the book-club chitchat – you’d best traipse over to the Northern Quarter and get yourself some of these whale shoes. Who knows, you might even see Herman Melville himself knocking about – he’s certainly got the beard for it.






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