New Balance at Oi Polloi

New Balance

I’m a bit of a latecomer to New Balance, partly I think due to the fact Bryan Robson (and maybe Clayton Blackmore?) wore their football boots back in the day. I remember an advert in Shoot (always Shoot, never Match, fuck knows why) “a midfielder will run 8 miles in a game…….if he’s any good” I think it said. I’ve trawled the Internet (why does Apple’s auto correct the I in Internet to a capital but not the g in god? Not that I’m religious or particularly care, just thinking out loud, anyway, I digress) trying to find that ad and I’ve gone through the few Shoots I’ve got left to no avail (although I did find this Ruud Gullit advert).



So my point being, that while I’ve got no more prejudice against Man Utd than the next non Man Utd fan (quite a bit) I’ve always associated them with Bryan Robson and didn’t look too closely at their trainers.


But a few years ago my mate Steve the Manc (a City fan with an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of New Balance) got me on them and I’ve been hooked ever since. Oi Polloi have recently brought in the made in England M576TOL in olive and the US made MRH996AD in beige and brown, which is my current favourite. The MRH996AD is a classic running shoe but with an extra bit ankle support that you won’t see everywhere.


Both were first released in 1988 and Ruud Gullit might have won the Euros but I bet he didn’t have Robson’s trainer collection……….







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