New Balance M670YOR ‘Year of the Rat’

When it comes to Chinese culture the rat is considered the best, because as legend has it he used his cunning skills to be the first to arrive at the Emperor’s palace and so won the ‘zodiac animal race’ or something along those lines. It’s also the sign for my year of birth (not that I’m Chinese) as well as 2020 being the ‘year of the rat’, which is great news if you’re looking to make some money and/or get pregnant as in China the rat represents both wealth and fertility.

It’s also looking to be a good year for trainers as we’re not only halfway into January and New Balance have released this pair of fortune packed footwear. Created in honour of the year of the rat and the forthcoming Chinese New Year celebrations the NB M670YOR boasts a gum rubber outsole alongside rich pig-skin suede uppers, leather overlays and some super sharp embroidered detailing. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Buy a pair of New Balance NB M670YOR from Hanon here.


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