New Barbour at Oi Polloi


Every bugger needs a bit o’ Barbour.

Nope, this isn’t their new tag line. The marketing agency threw it out on grounds of it having too similar a resemblance to 80’s Country Life Butter catchphrase; “You’ll Never Put A Better Bit Of Butter On Your Knife”….which to me is no bad thing at all. I bloody loved those little butter guys, bless ’em.

In fact that initial sentence of this piece is no marketing or branding line at all. I know; bloody hard to believe isn’t it?! But no, it just came outta of this mouth, made by this tongue; and then was written by this hand; (If any branding agency needs a a bit of a ‘leg-up’ I think you know where I am.)

Anyways, back to Barbour before butter beats us. (See, at it again!!) If you’ve not got a piece of Barbour at home, you should; and if you have, you’ll probably want more (that’s how this clothing business works isn’t it).

Just so happens that as the sun gods smile on us, Oi Polloi have taken delivery of some of the best waxed and waterproof jackets know to man. Coincidence? I think not. But as uncomfortably and heavy sweat inducingly hot as it may be, one thing’s for certain, soon them sun gods will be buggering off from whence they came, and leaving us the beautiful, beautiful drizzle. It’s then you need a Barbour.

Whether one of the classics – Beaufort or Bedale, or a newer style to the collection; those sun god upsetters Oi Polloi, have your back covered…’quite literally mate’.



Check out the ‘Distressed’ wax fabric on the Traction or Ware jackets, for something a bit special, or the warmth of the shearling lined and collared Catrick. You could even haveĀ a look at one of the 3 waxed Bucket Hats (Sports Hats) (thanks Brit media for letting us know how bang on trend they are; we hadn’t a clue, honest).


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