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There are a few things more distinctly French than the Breton striped shirt. With its bold, horizontal pattern, it’s right up there with the beret. The story of the Breton stripe dates back to the Napoleonic era and the design is based around the classic Mariner shirt. It was introduced in 1858 as the official uniform for all French navy sailors in Brittany and the original design featured 21 stripes, one for each of Napoleon’s victories. This has since changed and the number of stripes may vary according to the individual style of the designer.


One of the finest modern day purveyors of this most Gallic of styles is Armor Lux who have been producing clothing in Brittany since 1938. Many of their designs, including the Mariner shirt, are based on classic items worn by sailors and fishermen.

Whether you plan to sail the high seas or just keep warm in style, there is an impressive selection of Armor Lux available over at Peggs & son.


For the new season Armor Lux have released a varied selection of lambs wool knitwear, scarves and hats, all in traditional nautical style. The thick, textured knits such as this roll neck number are perfect for keeping the cold weather at bay and the extra neck protection is sure to keep you warm in the depths of winter.


Their knitwear also features traditional design details such as buttoned openings on the shoulders. Metal buttons with anchors logos adorn this crew neck sweater which makes it easier to slip on and off.


Armor Lux still try and manufacture many of their materials within Brittany and so interweaved is the company within French culture that they produce the uniforms for the French police, post office workers and SNCF railway staff. So if you’re out trawling for fish or just down the pub, for that unmistakable French style, that je ne sais quoi, you need not look much further than Armor-Lux.

All the styles and more are available at Peggs & son.

Charlie Haywood

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