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Right now, it feels like coat weather is coming quicker than a teenager during an Adult Channel freeview. This has probably got a few people giddy about #coats. Unlike a lot of other top-table, left-wing, twitter-casual, super dressers; I actually prefer summer.

I think you’re mental if you don’t, to be honest. Sunshine and bright mornings outweigh heavy coats and driving to work with your headlights on.

do like autumn, however, as you get all the goodness of jackets without all the faff of wearing a well heavy coat and having to take it, a scarf and some gloves off whenever you cross the threshold. And it is the perfect time for layering. And layering is fucking ace.

There are loads of ace layers fresh in at The Great Divide.

Go get stuck into some TSPTR, Universal Works, Kings of Indigo, Gant Rugger and Patagonia.

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