Nigel Cabourn AW19 at TOO HOT

Having one of the keenest eyes out there when it comes to globally sourced vintage apparel, TOO HOT also have their fingers firmly on the pulse when it comes to stocking contemporary pieces. Which is why they’ve just announced their drop of the latest Army Gym & Lybro collections from the astoundingly talented Nigel Cabourn.

Featuring a mix of smocks and jackets the Lybro gear combines strong workwear heritage with beautiful (garment dyed) colours Whilst the premium sportswear Army Gym range features an equally zesty colour palette alongside classic navy and grey marls. There’s not a duff piece in the collection and they’re all versatile enough to be worn as lighter pieces for summer as well as when layered up together once the mercury starts to drop.

Shop the Nigel Cabourn AW19 collection at TOO HOT here.

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