Nigel Cabourn in collaboration with Atelier de L’Armée


When Nigel Cabourn first met the Dutch bag-making duo Atelier de l’Armée back in 2013 they instantly bonded over the vintage Swiss army rucksack that Nigel was carrying. There and then they decided to work on a remake provided they could do the ruck-sack justice by sourcing the original dead-stock 1960s ‘salt & pepper’ selvage fabric it was made from. After a long search a roll of the rugged water-repellent nettle fibre and cotton material was finally unearthed with just enough to make 4o very special rucksacks. These incredibly special bags are now available (each with their own number) at the Nigel Cabourn ARMY GYM on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden as well as online at cabourn.com




Nigel Cabourn x rucksack 1

Nigel Cabourn x rucksack 3



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