Nike Internationalist at Oi Polloi


Seeing as though this week it was the 30th anniversary of the fictional detention in John Hughes’s The Breakfast Club (24th March 1984), in which one of the characters sports a pair of blue and yellow Nike Internationalist, what a good occasion this is to mumble a few words about the recent reissues that are currently in Oi Polloi

The breakfast clubber who wears them of course is the geek style icon Brian – i.e. the one who’s not Emilio Estevez or that scruffy bellend who somehow pulls the really fit ginger girl at the end. I did say style icon there, yes. Brian is a style icon. He wears his Nikes with beige khakis, a green crew-neck sweat and a pair of Ray Bans, leaving the other two aforementioned jokers coughing in a cloud of sartorial dust. To be fair, Estevez’s character Andrew isn’t dressed too badly, it’s Judd Nelson’s character Bender who’s the real rogue here, with those dreadful boots that look like something you’d buy from ‘Petroleum Outlet’ in the Lowry. Very funny character, but what a tramp.

Anyhow, Brian is great. He knows the crack but doesn’t know that he knows the crack. I read something somewhere a bit ago which said something along these lines: ‘Style is putting on very nice clothes and then forgetting all about them.’ I like that theory, me. Most of us aren’t like that though – we’re always shitting it over the idea that some lummox might stand on our trainers as they clomp past. Brian on the other hand seems totally un-arsed about that, so maybe that is the key. Who knows.

By the way, if blue and yellow trainers aren’t your thing because you’re a bit weird or summat, Oi Polloi have got them in a few more colour options. They all look great.






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