Nike SB Lance Mountain

Though Lance Mountain might be a well good skateboarder from the US of A, his family originate good old Lanc-a-shire. Which is why when he gets to design his own range of Blazers with Nike SB he makes sure that there’s a lovely Lancashire rose logo adorned onto each of them. The latest collection from Lance (or should that be Lancs?) is a trio of blazers in a variety of silhouettes to suit all types of ankle coverage, from high to low and even an indecisive in-between chukka shape. These banging blazers in these ace washed-out colour ways really remind me of the type of shoes people wore to warehouse parties back in the late 1980s throughout Lancashire of all places. Though if these ravers would have seen a Lancastrian rose on them back then they’d have probably dropped their lucozade and fallen off their podiums. And by podiums I mean oil drums, pallets, speakers and dodgy scaffolding platforms.

Check out the Nike SB Lance Mountain range at Working Class Heroes here.


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