Nike at JD Sports

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As we hover excitedly on the brink of the mass adi adoration about to arise following the imminent release of the new Spezial collection and the deadstock magic soon to be seen at the Manchester exhibition, I’d like to take a little sidestep and take some time out to appreciate the mighty Nike. Though my love of the three stripes has been pretty consistent since I was about ten years old, it’s only in the past couple of years that I have come to fully appreciate the beauty behind Oregon’s finest export. Apart from previous love affairs with Cortez and pretty much everything in the ACG range my past indifference has now got me playing catch-up with all those ace reissues that I missed out on first time around. What I love is the fact that most of these modernist models on show here from JD Sports impressive selection resemble the type of prize pop art exhibits you’d see as part of a Jeff Koons collection. There’s also something genuinely addictive about slipping your feet into a brand new pair of Nikes isn’t there? A sensation which never fails to offer an unbridled feeling of intense powerfulness betwixt your toes, regardless of how unfit or unsporting your future swoosh-assisted activities end up being. So if you too like a bit of Nike, JD Sports have pretty much covered all bases from flip flops to hi-tops.








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