No.33 From Penhaligon’s

No. 33

We might all be double hard Northern bastards here at Proper Magazine as we sit around the office throwing flick-knives at each other and listening to Black Sabbath but there is still a whiff of lavender about us.

No we haven’t jumped ‘on the other bus’ we’ve just been spraying ourselves with one of the finest eau de colognes known to man, Penhaligon’s Number 33.  Named after the legendary fragrance house’s second ever shop on St. James’s street in London, we’re told that 33’s silky smooth scent contains heady notes such as ‘rustic armoise’ and ‘clary sage’ alongside the aforementioned lavender vibes. As you;d expect tt has to be sniffed to be fully appreciated as it’s that kind of subtle yet confidently masculine scent befitting of someone who’s really, really cool but doesn’t need to broadcast it. Available in July.



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