Norse Projects Anker Classic Jacket at Grants 1856


The latest entry on the ever informative Grants 1856 blog has proved quite a revelation to me today. For a start I didn’t realise that Elka have started calling themselves ‘Anker’ or that the fishing town of Grimsby was founded by a Viking who went by the name of ‘Grim’. Though what’s really blown my mind is that you can get blackcurrant flavoured Fisherman’s Friends! When did that happen? I bet they taste amazing. Speaking of amazing revelations, this vital cough-sweet based info was garnered off the back of reading all about the new Norse Project Anker jackets that have justĀ arrived at Grants. Available in botanical blue and elm colours both of which are both ideal accoutrements for friendly fishermen as well as anti-social land lubbers. Oh and Grants will send you a free packet of those blackcurrant beauties with every Anker jacket that you buy too, nice that innit?








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