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If any one should be well able to prepare us for the upcoming winter months it’s those Nordic #menswear gods at Norse Projects.

With the climate they’re used to in the far, far North and their ingrained Scandinavian style sensibilities, they’re better placed than most to kit us out in gear that not only aides our dashing to the pub through the dark and drizzling nights, or eases our early exit from the ground going down to another hard-fought loss in the cold winds of a ‘pointless’ Saturday; but make us look good whilst doing them.

Our Welsh brethren at Pavilion Clothing have recently extended their range of Norse Projects gear, and mighty fine it is looking to. It’s easy to bandy-about the same adjectives when discussing Norse: style, simplicity, quality, timelessness, but that’s because they’re all those things, and probably more too.

You want protection from the rain, whilst imagining you’re hauling in today’s catch just off the coast of Grimsby? Get the Norse Projects Classic Elka Jacket, preferably in yellow (but I’ll forgive you going for either the Bristol or Navy blues too).



Going for the steez of Bonnington as he sups a pint of mild and unwinds around a campfire at the base of Ben Nevis? Then gotta be the Roald Fairisle Fleece Gillet.

1411218808-080563001411218978-63062100Looking to keep that balding dome and beardless chin warmer than a WeightWatchers meet in a church-hall where the heating’s stuck on max, and all the windows are painted closed? Go for the Rifle Green Norse Beanie and Bristol Blue Sigurd Scarf.

1411397295-701630001411400435-56738700Pavilion have also got loads of Norse Projects socks for all you Sock-Fetishists out there; they DO exist. Believe me. I know some. Loads.


See the rest of the Norse Projects collection in store and Online now.


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