Norse Projects x Geoff McFetridge

It’s not all that uncommon for me to find things hidden in my clothes – a long forgotten packet of chewing gum, the odd face mask, even the occasional stray fiver. Nothing that could really be considered interesting or exciting, though. Imagine then, finding little concealed works of art about your garments. This is the concept that forms the basis of a second collaboration between Norse Projects and artist Geoff McFetridge.

McFetridge is a Canadian-born, LA-based multidisciplinary artist with work spanning everything from poetry to animation, graphics to ceramics, movies to wallpaper. So, one of those irritating so-and-sos who’s good at everything, then.

Geoff has acted as creative lead on a capsule of Norse classics and worked in slight tone on tone embroidery, hidden texts, prints on the inside of the clothes and a hangtag made up of two small drawings and a poem. 

Most of these elements are hidden away and conspire to create a unique experience for the wearer. Like that Kitkat in your inside pocket you’re saving for later, only much cooler and longer lasting.

Discover the range at Pockets.

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