Screen Shot 2015-02-07 at 16.02.33The Yeezy 3s leaked on Friday night and proper ballsed up the internet. At the same time, Cartocon blew your own SS15 trainer game wide open thanks to this collection from Novesta.

Novesta have been producing shoes in Slovakia since the days of their Communist Party government and each pair is produced by hand in the same tried and tested way that has made them so long lasting. This makes you wonder why more UK stockists haven’t been carrying these before now. That’s probably going to change though so get a pair ready for spring.

Making a great alternative to whichever pumps you’re currently favouring and handmade goodness from our pals over in Eastern Europe for forty quid. Excellent. How’d you like that, Nigel Farage?

Novesta-Star-master-White Novesta-Star-master-White-3 Novesta-Star-master-White-4 Novesta-Star-master-White-5 Novesta-Star-master-White-6 Novesta-Star-master-Wine Novesta-Star-master-Wine-4 Novesta-Star-master-Wine-5 Novesta-Star-master-Wine-6 Novesta-Star-master-Wine-7

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