Nowgone Pioneers SS15


OK Happy New Year Everybody, let’s hope it’s a good one where we all finally stop killing one other and talking about Kanye West like anyone really gives a shit.

In terms of what we’re all gonna wear this year I’m nailing my colours to the mast early on by saying that I think we’re all going to loosen up in 2015. Yes I think we’re heading in a very new age direction where comfort, consciousness and positive colours will be our primary concerns when choosing what to wear. Bloody hell I feel like Russell Grant and to be honest after all those mince pies I’m starting to look like the big bugger too. Seriously though, have a look at Nowgone Pioneers Spring/Summer collection and tell me it doesn’t make you want to grow your hair, buy a yoga mat, grow you own quinoa and go frottage a forest.

12. Gillespie_red

10. Gregory_Royal_Blue

9. Gibbs_Navy_FrontShot







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