Nowhere FC (unofficially) teams up with C.P. Company on FIFA 21

OK so this is an interesting one, having previously partnered up with C.P. Company at 2018’s Hypefest it seems NYC based football club and creative agency are once more working with the icons of Italian sportswear, albeit unofficially. Nowhere have recently created some kit in conjunction with the launch of FIFA 21, as well as designing an in-game apparel collection called Volta for the street football section of the game. Which lo and behold features not only a goggle jacket but a goggle hat as well both of which are unmistakably C.P. despite there being no official involvement with the brand. C.P. even posted it on their official Instagram account here too.

Just when you thought the year 2020 couldn’t be any crazier you can now have a virtual kick about in your favourite jacket, how mad is that? I think GTA should get involved next and dedicate a section of their next game that involves using an Urban Protection scooter to navigate your way to safety whilst being chased across town by an angry mob of Mancunian jacket collectors.

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