Nudie Jeans Bloodline Collection


I’m gonna go get the papers, get the papers.” Relax everyone, I’ve not turned into an Italian-American mobster I’m just showing off about the limited edition jeans that I’m about to buy, about to buy. To celebrate their 15th anniversary denim dignitaries Nudie have released their ‘Bloodline’ collection that reflects their clever knack for using innovative and sustainable material to stunning effect and includes a pair of ‘paper’ jeans no less. The bloodline name they’ve choosen reflects Nudie’s dry denim ‘heart’ and the indigo coloured ‘blood’ flowing though it as well as the lineage between this collection and the first ever prototype pair that Nudie produced in their small Gothenburg workshop way back in 2001. Comprising of dry bamboo, paper and hemp selvage dry denim in their Lean Dean and Grim Tim fits as well as the Billy jacket (hemp only) all item in the collection are  individually numbered and presented in a custom box with an incredible book that features some of Nudie’s finest jeans to date, from past and present.

Shop the Bloodline collection at Oi Polloi now.





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