Nudie Jeans Co: Perry Leather & Crust Jacket

There’s a weird paradox in the world of black leather jackets in that more often than not those who choose to wear them really shouldn’t and those that don’t really should. I’m taking about you, yes you.

So erase all those terrible tanned images of old, fat punks, that dead sexist bloke with the combover down the pub, rubbish faced racist Jeremy Clarkson and the bloody Beckhams in those horrendous biker outfits and trust your own style and good taste to make the right decision. After all a leather jacket isn’t just any old purchase is it? Buying one is a proper ‘thing’ just like buying a pair of decent raw jeans is, as over the years it will come to represent a part of your DNA (kind of). Changing like your very own face like the gift that keeps giving as it develops more and more character with stylish, leathery aplomb as the years roll by. And if you want to look more Elvis Comeback Special than special Elvis on a comedown then the Perry leather & crust jacket from Nudie is just the life-changing jacket you need. Available this week the Perry is a super soft goat leather jacket with the crust side incorporated at the front facing, back yoke, cuffs and hem to create a really rather brilliant bit of contrast. Get leathered here.

Perry Leather _ Crust Jkt Black 160339 01Perry Leather _ Crust Jkt Black 160339 02Perry Leather _ Crust Jkt Black 160339 12Perry Leather _ Crust Jkt Black 160339 13


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