Nudie Jeans Co. Raw Ecru + Indigo



What are you gonna look like this Summer? Come on, come on it’s nearly here for Pete’s sake, what’s it gonna be? Mexican candy floss wholesaler? Cold soup Sommelier? Arctic parrot breeder? Sports-luxe Rabbi? My look is still under wraps as I don’t want any copy-cats stealing my vibe before my first barbecue, suffice to say it will involve lots of raw denim in equal amounts of ecru and indigo hues. Fortunately Nudie have received my list of summer style demands and have been in touch to tell me that they can pretty much accommodate all my requirements apart from the cord socks. Just like me those Swedish jeaniuses are all about matching up organic white and indigo denimĀ together this season alongside super snazzy accessories like their recycled denimĀ Math hat and Abbesson ditty bag. Ditty bag sounds like a grime artists doesn’t it? What is a ditty bag? No idea. I proper love Nudie though. Bye.

Math Bucket Hat Denim 180621B26 03

Warren Dark Blue Indigo 140416B21Billy Dry Twill Ecru 160439W02 fixTomas Indigo Sweater Dark Blue 150269B23Otto Raw Hem Slub Navy 131440B25Loose Tee Rain Stripes OffwhiteBlue 131445W21Patched Tee  Indigo 131455B21Grim Tim Ecru Twill Selvage 112087_fixAbbesson Ditty Bag Denim 180628B26 03



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