Nudie Jeans Co. Summer Shirts

NJCO_Lifestyle_SU1610 (1)

Hands up if you’ve got a bad case of t-shirt tan? Yeah me too. It’s not a big deal but you do feel a bit of a twat when you wear a slightly shorter sleeved or wider necked tee and your shameful secret is revealed to all and sundry. I’m now going to play it safe by wearing Nudie shirts for the rest of summer as they do a smashing line in nice lightweight linen and cotton numbers as well as some great washed out denim shirts (obviously). Cover up your less tanned bits Swedish style here.

Warren Linen Stripe Indigo 140412B21 (1)

Warren Linen Beige Stripe Ecru 140413W02 02

Henry Light Blue Indigo 140409B21

Henry Indigo Stripe Offwhite 140410W04 02 (1)

Jonis Bronson Blue Denim 140407B26 (1)

Henry Indigo Linen Check Navy 140411B25

Brandon Heavy Worn In Denim 140432B26 (1)


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