Nudie Jeans ‘Ethan’ Jacket

Ethan Wool Jacket 160397_01.2

Nudie have come up with a sustainable option for battling the elements this season with their Ethan Jacket which is made using 70% recycled wool. Which nicely eases your conscience if (like me) you’ve already got loads of dead good coats but can’t resist owning a muted, Swedish version of on Lumber jacket. Featuring four patch pockets and lined with organic grey chambray it’s got old school Filson/Woolrich vibes with a nice dash of additional Scando design finesse.  This fine, fine coat is the wearable equivalent of The Hives covering ‘Back in Black’.

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Ethan Wool Jacket Black 160397_02

Ethan Wool Jacket Black 160397_01.2


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