Nudie Jeans: The Dry Rainbow

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It’s not everyday you see a rainbow is it? Despite living in one of the wettest/gayest cities in the Western hemisphere they’re still a rarity round these parts.

Which is a shame as L’arcobaleno (as it’s known in Italy) is one of those wonderful phenomenas that immediately raises your spirits, fills you with child-like wonder and reminds your jaded soul that the world can be a beautiful place sometimes after all. Pretty good for something that’s both free and 100% legal eh?

Another thing that makes me ridiculously happy is of course a pair of beautifully made jeans so imagine my joy levels when I heard that Nudie have created a pair of 14 oz organic Grim Tims with the spectrum of the rainbow woven into the back pocket embroidery as well as the actual selvage itself. Yeah that’s right, I went proper mental and kicked the bin over before doing loads of forward rolls round the kitchen.

No strangers to the colourful crescent themselves our bezzies Oi Polloi are getting the WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE on these colourful cotton creations with them going on sale from the 26th of Feb through to the 4th of March (they’re also having a knees up tonight too). With the remaining stock going on sale via Nudie’s web-shop and stores from the 5th of March.




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