Nudie Jeans ‘When You’re Strange or Wild at Heart’


If you’re not at Pitti Uomo today or maybe if you are but are too hungover to go and check out all the #menswear action then here’s another sneak preview into the sartorial future you can enjoy without being surrounded by men in wide brimmed hats. This time around it’s a preview of the Fall 16 (yes I know it’s called autumn) from Gothenburg’s finest Nudie Jeans and their first collection from their newly appointed design manager Morgan Sundberg. As you might expect the look is pretty rock’n’roll with a dash of seasonal Scandinavian ennui. They’ve also been ‘experimenting’ with exciting things like laser printing, turned down hems, looser silhouettes and black lamb leather and a liberal dose of powerful viking voodoo.

nj fall2016 outfit 13

nj fall2016 outfit 12

nj fall2016 outfit 06

nj fall2016 outfit 09

nj fall2016 outfit 04

nj fall2016 outfit 08

nj fall2016 outfit 03

nj fall2016 outfit 02

nj fall2016 outfit 01


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