Nudie ‘Twist of Black’


‘Scandenimaniacs’ Nudie have had their lab coats on and been back in the lab again to continue their heroic experimentation with black and indigo dyes. We’re glad to report that nothing was blown up and the successful results (after washing, bleaching and tinting these dyed garments) are now available to purchase under their ‘Twist of Black’ moniker. Seasonal chunky knitwear with intertwined yarns and Nudie’s trademark organic denim form the majority of this colourful collection. Featuring hats, scarves, socks, over dyed tees and of course our old friends Average Joe and Grim Tim with streaky greens, greys and blues presiding as the dominant colours within this dark and twisted mix. Just don’t try this kind of next level shit in your bath at home, leave it to the experts eh?

Available HERE

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